Индустриальные масла / Turbine Oils


Product Description and Place of Use

Rexoil Turbine Oils is prepared by the mixture of high oxidation stability base oils and additives that protect against corrosion and oxidation. Vapor pressure and temperature are high at modern turbines. Therefore, oils must be produced according to these difficult conditions to stand. Rexoil Turbine Oils are produced to work under these difficult conditions with base oils that have high oxidation stability to respond settled standards. They have additives against to corrosion and oxidation. Rexoil Turbine Oils can be used in vapor, water and gas turbines.


Approvals and Specifications

British Standard BS 489
DIN 51515
U.S. Steel 120, U.S. Steel 125
Solar Turbines ES 9-224
Siemens TLV901304
Brown Boveri HT GD 90 117E
General Electirc GEK-46506B
General Electirc GEK-28143E
General Electirc GEK-141003H