Automotive Oils / Automotive Gear Oils


Product Description and Place of Use

MULTITRANS ATF II automatic transmissions fluid that is prepared with high-quality refined base oils and advanced additives. Automatic or semi-automatic transmissions and torque converters of passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and industrial vehicles, when the manufacturer requires an ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid) GM DEXRON II and Ford Mercon. It is recommended to use as hydraulic oil in some business machines.


Approvals and Specifications

GM Dexron IID
GM Type A Suffix A
MB Page 236.7; 236,5
Ford ERS-M2C163-A
Caterpillar TO-2
Allison C-4
MAN 339 V1, Z1
Hägglunds Denison HF-O
Renk Doromat
VOITH TURBO H55.633539 (G607)
ZF TE-ML-03D/04D/11A/14A/17C